3 Mistakes You Must Avoid purchasing Rattan Garden Furniture

In the modern world synthetic rattan furniture is almost ubiquitous in back and patios across the globe. The flexibility, durability as well as the aesthetic appeal and effortless maintenance of this product makes it an ideal first choice for homeowners looking to enhance the look of their outdoor spaces.

However, as well-known as furniture made of rattan is, there are many common misconceptions and blunders that buyers of these kinds of furniture are likely to make, that can seriously hinder their experience with furniture and the value they can get out of their rattan set. Below are three common blunders that an homeowner ought to be aware of to avoid when buying the best rattan garden furniture to put in their backyard.

Make sure you know the size

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when considering the Rattan garden sets are not ensuring that the measurements of the furniture they’re considering fit in their yard. The majority of potential buyers don’t bother to check them in any way or, at the very least, guess the approximate measurements of both the furniture and their backyard yard. So, after the furniture has been bought and brought to their house it is common for them to realize that it’s too big for their backyard or not fit for purpose or, more significantly, taking up small space they have available.

In order to purchase the rattan furniture set It is recommended to equip gardeners with at the very least the essential dimensions. The approximate size of the area that the furniture will be placed in, for instance it is a good measure to have on hand in addition to the overall size of the outdoor area. Knowing these numbers prior to deciding to purchase furniture made of rattan will ensure that the furniture purchased is sufficient in dimensions to fit in the space, without overtaking the space.

Check if it is weather-resistant

One of the primary advantages of synthetic rattan furniture is the weather-proofing. The majority of synthetic rattan pieces are coated with a specific coating to protect them from the elements, meaning that the furniture can be used all year round without being damaged. Natural rattan furniture however, do not have protection like this, and can more likely to be damaged when left exposed to the elements.

Gardeners living in areas that are prone to extreme weather conditions – whether extreme heat or heavy rain must take care to ensure that their garden furniture is weatherproof and suitable for use all year round, thereby reducing the risk of being disappointed in the future.

Function trumps form

Form over function is a common error homeowners make when they are shopping for the best rattan garden furniture. The aesthetic appeal is an important factor in why the majority of gardeners seek out furniture of this kind however, it is crucial not to overlook what the furniture is actually going to be used for and, possibly more important what it is going to be used.

This means that, for instance an over-stuffed rattan set with cushions and other accessories can create an attractive visual appearance, however it also means the need to wash and put the smaller pieces, which could be a lot of chores for the homeowner when it comes to the time of the season’s end. It’s best to opt for simple, less streamlined designs that focus on function over the appearance.

It is essential to keep in mind that making mistakes like this does not mean that homeowners are incompetent or stupid. In most cases they’re just uninformed and that is the reason an article like this could be helpful to them ahead of buying the perfect set of garden furniture made from rattan!