3 Things You Need to Know About Leather Shoes Care

Yes, you just got these shiny leather shoes. You are so excited about them that you placed it beside your bed last night. You just forget about it after you’ve worn it five- to six times and then you stop caring about it. Let’s be real with ourselves. Does that sound like a good idea? Why can’t leather shoes be treated the same as cars and other treasures?

Not only is it about looking great, but also about prolonging the shoe’s life. The shoes will last longer and be more valuable. This is a good thing, considering we’re now out of recession Leather Shoes Singapore.

But why should we care about our leather shoes? Because leathers wear out easily if they are not maintained in a good condition. You’ll agree that leathers can become worn out and ragged. Many people believe that wax polishing is all that’s needed to keep their shoes looking new. They are wrong.

The point is that there are many ways you can care for your shoes. If you’re wealthy, shoe repair shops can be very helpful. These shoe repair shops charge for conditioners and other items.

You can also take care of them yourself if you have the following items: Gloves, Newspapers, Rags, Smooth Leather Cleaners, Leather Conditioners, Shoe Polish.

Now, follow these steps:

  1. The leather shoes can be cleaned with the leather cleaners.Be aware that leather cleaners may come in sprays, liquids, or creams. Use them only as directed. To remove dirt, you may use a brush.
  2. After cleaning the shoes, let them dry.Apply leather conditioners. This will soften and moisturize leather. Be aware that different leather conditioners will work with different types of shoes. So make sure to choose the one that works best for your shoe.
  3. 3.The final step is to apply shoe polish.This will make the shoes look shiny and new. You should be aware that some polishes can be absorbed through the skin. This is why I prefer to wear gloves when polishing shoes.

That should do it. You are now free to wear your leather sneakers.