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Who is Patrick Holford?

He is a famous nutrients expert. He is British and is fine recognised for his severa vitamins books, with The Optimum Nutrition Bible being his maximum famous ebook.

He is likewise famous for creating the Insitute of Optimum Nutrition, from which he retired in 1998.

Is he a vitamins professional?

Patrick Holford Nutrition initially received a degree in experimental psychology. He turned into especially inquisitive about the improvement of intellectual health troubles. He became privy to Dr Pfeiffer and Dr Hoffer, each of whom claimed to efficaciously treat various mental health troubles using dietary therapy.

This sparked an interest in nutritional therapy within him, and some years after his graduation, he based the Institute of Optimum Nutrition. Here, he researched nutritional processes to supporting despair, schizophrenia, ADHD and consuming problems.

The Institute of Optimum Nutrition grew and began imparting schooling occasions or even qualifications for other people to examine there and qualify as nutritional therapists. The ION is now one of the most nicely-reputable membership firms for dietary therapists and produces regular magazines for practitioners and the public.

Food For The Brain Foundation

Patrick Holford has maintained his robust hobby in intellectual health issues and the combination of those troubles with dietary therapy.

He is the Chief Executive Officer of the Food For The Brain Foundation, which promotes the usage of nutritional therapy to support mental fitness.

British Association for Nutritional Therapy (BANT)

He is a Fellow of the British Association for Nutritional Therapy (BANT). This organisation is a club and regulatory frame for dietary therapists.


Like any practitioner at the brink of growing new and regularly debatable thoughts, he has proportion of critics.

His philosophy may be boiled down to the idea that, thru most excellent nutrition, we’re greater able to cope with the problems and challenges our frame may additionally face.

While this could be a philosophy this is criticised with the aid of some humans, it’s far neither an unusual nor new idea. Indeed, if we look through a records e-book from any world civilization, we are able to speedy stumble across an vintage perception that a particular herb or plant was beneficial for fitness.

Books by using Patrick Holford

He is the writer or co-writer of over 30 books, consisting of the very popular titles under:

The Optimum Nutrition Bible
Optimum Nutrition for the Mind
Optimum Nutrition for Your Child
100% Health
Say No To Diabetes
500 Health and Nutrition Questions Answered