Corrupted Photo Recovery

First thing is you need to understand the options for selling your photos online. The easiest and simplest way to sell your photos online is as stock photography. We will begin here. What is stock photography?

It is were you sell the rights for a person to use your photos in any media they like. You get paid a commission each time a person downloads your photos. The rates can vary between different stock photo agencies but you are generally looking at between 0.25 and 0.50 per download. This can add up quickly. Say you had 100 photos with a download average of just 2 per month, that would be an extra $50 a month. Now double the amount of photos and the avg download and you have $200.

Four steps to start selling

OK now lets get into how you can start selling your photos online. This four step plan will have you up and running in no time at all.

Step 1: Pick you Stock Agency

Picking your stock agency is probably one of the hardest tasks in the plan. Which one to go for? There are so many. It’s highly recommended that when starting out you stick with some of the bigger agencies like Big Stock Photo or Shutter Stock. These guys have existing traffic and although you make a smaller commission, you will find you get more downloads.

Step 2: Market Research

Stock photographers regularly check what’s happening in the market, which keywords are selling and what sort of pictures people are buying. This gives you a feel for what’s selling and what’s not. Go to an agency and click on the top sellers link. Have a look. It can get quite seasonal at times, like Christmas. These are great categories for you to start as you should see a result pretty quick.

Step 3: Upload your photos for sale

This is the easy bit. Now you know which photos you want to sell, go to the stock agency you have chosen and simply upload. Make sure you enter a relevant and descriptive title and keywords. Then simply wait for your photos to be reviewed and submitted.

Step 4: Get Paid

I think this bit is even easier. Generally once a month you will be sent payment of what you have earned. Normally in the form of a check or PayPal payment. Whooohooo. Don’t forget to reinvest some of this money back into you photos so you can sell even more.