Fun Kids Rooms Product Review – Thuka Kids-Space Shorty Beds

The basic concept of a modular bed is that you can change the bed to adapt to your child’s needs. Depending on your new needs your bed can become more elaborate and/or become more practical (with the addition of storage) or even more fun (with the addition of tents or slides).

Let’s take a look at one of Europe’s leading bed manufacturers who utilise a modular system and use their range as examples along the way. The company is called Thuka, and the range that features the modular systems is called Kids-Space. Thuka call their modular system their “Maxi Building System”

So let’s take a look at the “starting block” of the Thuka Kids-Space range of furniture, the “Shorty” bed.

Thuka Kids-Space; Shorty

Shorty Single

The Shorty is the starting block of the Thuka Maxi Building System. The Shorty is designed as a starter kids’ bed and is shorter in length compared to a traditional full sized (adult) single. As with all Thuka Kids-Space beds they are made from high quality polar pine and come with a 5-year bed frame guarantee. For added safety and peace of mind a bumper safety rail is included and is fixed to the side of the bed to stop young kids falling out.

So that’s the basic option – the single (short) first bed, similar to any other standard bed that sits just off the floor (apart from it’s shorter length).

As many houses become more compact floor space in bedrooms often comes at a premium. Modern box rooms are unable to fit a bed (even a short one) let alone a bed AND a comprehensive range of furniture. So what can you do? Simple, if you can’t go out, go up!

Shorty Midsleeper

Once you child has grown out of the short bed, or their needs have changed, you might be thinking time for a new bed, right? Wrong! This is where the advantage of the modular design comes into play. Instead of buying a new kids bed simply decide what function the bed now needs to perform, in this example floor space is at a premium and we need some furniture, and get the relevant “extension kit”. These kits basically consist of leg extensions and a ladder that safely and securely convert low beds into mid sleepers, bunk beds and high sleepers.

We’ve decided to illustrate the need for storage in a small room, starting with a standard low Shorty single we have decided to get the Midsleeper extension kit. This means that instead of having to go out and buy a whole new bed we’ve simply retained the original bed and purchased a “kit” at a fraction of the cost of a new bed.

We’ve now converted our low bed into a Midsleeper and using our example we’re going to put some furniture under the sleeping area. Kids-Space furniture is designed to be used in conjunction with the bed and as such fits like a glove. We can now choose from a bookcase, a chest of drawers and even a fantastic desk that slides out into the room from nowhere.

Of course not everyone wants, or needs, storage kids space design under their Thuka Kids-Space Shorty Midsleeper. And now the Shorty bed is a Shorty Midsleeper it can undergo any manner of transformations, it can have play tents above or below the sleeping area, have a rope swing or even a slide attached to the frame, and don’t forget the furniture options too!

Shorty Bunk beds

Think back to the standard Shorty bed, imagine your needs have changed and you’ve just had another child. You’ve only got the one kids bedroom and you’ve not got the space for two beds, what do you do? Simple, buy another Shorty bed and the bunk bed extension kit and connect the two short beds together to create Shorty bunk beds. These short bunk beds can still have a play tent between the two beds and can even be converted into full sized beds/bunk beds with (you’ve guessed it) a different extension pack.

Shorty Full Length Beds?

Don’t forget that due to the modular nature of the Kid-Space “Maxi Building System” the Shorty range offer everything the rest of the Kids-Space range does, only in a short bed. You can keep the mid sleeper/bunk beds extension kits and convert the Shorty into a full length bed as and when required, now you’ve turned a short mid sleeper/bunk beds into a full length mid sleeper/bunk beds.