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It’s wonderful having plush toys around, and most of us have a quite a stuffed animal collection. However, taking care of these toys can sometimes be a real bother. When they’re out in the open they can get dusty and dirty, and then what do you do? Many people just wind up boxing their stuffed animals away and locking them in the closet to avoid the hassle. But there are better ways. Read through this advice and you will find great ways to take care of your stuffed animal collection. You can keep your plush toys displayed and still keep them clean, just follow this advice!

One of the easiest things you can do to Computer science consistently keep your stuffed animals clean is to occasionally dust them off. Dust mites accumulate all over your house, so when you’re dusting as part of your regularly scheduled cleaning, why not also clean off your teddy bears? You can dust them using a regular duster or even baby wipes. Baby wipes are sometimes even easier to use on fur because the wet surface gives the dust mites something to cling on to. Remember to dust regularly, and you will find that your teddy bear’s colors will remain bright and sharp.

If you have larger plush toys, another great idea is to use a hand vacuum. This will get dirt and dust off of your toy more thoroughly, better even than a plain duster. Still, if you are planning to use a vacuum, be very careful. Some stuffed animals aren’t sturdy enough to withstand a vacuum, especially if it’s suction is extra powerful. Make sure the material it’s made from is not too fragile. You don’t want your teddy bear to lose a nose or a button from its clothes just because you rushed.

Also, if it’s an option, the most effective way to clean a stuffed animal is to machine wash. You can decide if this is an option or not be reading the label. Just like food labels or clothing tags, a plush toy label will let you know if the animal is machine washable. Still, even if it is, make sure to use a gentle cycle with softener, which will make sure to maintain the softness of your toy. In addition, you can learn from my example. I once washed my favorite plush cat, only to find it looked rather worn out when I finished. Luckily, I had the bright idea to use a hair dryer, and soon it was nice and fluffy again. I did the same thing with a stuffed lion’s mane, and it looked as good as new after the magic of my hair dryer. Blow-drying definitely works to fluff up any toy’s fur.

These tips for stuffed animal care should make your life easier, and keep your toys happier. Dread dust no more! There is no longer a reason to lock your adorable plush toys away in the closet, show those teddy bears off! Just incorporate a small dusting into your cleaning routine regularly, or use the washer if you need a more thorough cleaning. Remember, it’s not nearly as difficult as you’d think to keep your toys looking fresh and new.