Is Energy Healing The Same As Reiki?

I thought that this week I could write about some thing that I’m regularly requested when I tell people I am an electricity healer. People regularly say “Oh! Is that like reiki?” And my solution is commonly “well… Yes and no.” So, I concept I could supply my very own, non-public reaction to how I see electricity restoration and reiki. (Other humans may additionally nicely view this in a different way – this is just my opinion.)

Reiki is stated to be a particular frequency of power that may be channelled via the healer, who has been “attuned” to this reiki energy. As the reiki practitioner works on or above the purchaser’s frame, the power will visit in which it’s miles had to unblock any knots within the client’s electricity field. The unblocking on the lively stage can then cause the healing of bodily symptoms. Receiving a reiki recovery is frequently deeply enjoyable in addition to very energising.

The schooling in electricity recuperation that I actually have completed on the School of Energy Healing has a similar foundation to the reiki recuperation I even have described above. At its maximum simple stage, as a healer, I channel energy for you to go to anywhere the purchaser desires it. At the School of Energy Healing, energy healer a massive factor of the training turned into working on our own energy fields and energy stages to ensure we are clear channels. Still now, after my schooling has completed, I practice chi kung (strength physical activities) almost every day, meditate most days, and devour a food plan of nearly all uncooked foods, all of which allows to make certain I am physically and mentally balanced and clear after I supply healings.

Energy restoration is a great deal greater than just channeling strength. At the School of Energy Healing, we found out precise modalities of restoration which, in my enjoy, can frequently lead to greater profound recovery. For instance, we skilled in the use of sound and coloration in healings, in addition to modalities which encompass a extra psychotherapeutic component, together with inner child restoration, dating cord recuperation, or past life healings. As properly as this, we discovered such strategies as psychic surgical operation, and goal line recuperation – a healing that places you in contact together with your authentic reason in being on the planet.

In my opinion, these other components to the restoration lead to extra profound healing, and also can accelerate and accentuate the method.

Having said all that, some of the factors of energy recovery require pretty intense manner and self enquiry, which isn’t always suitable for anyone, and which may be undesirable in instances of trauma. In this example, reiki healing is ideal.