Penetrate the secret formula of the fish shooting game. Get money easily. Just follow the formula.

  • Techniques for proper budget allocation.

If thinking of playing fish shooting games to make money and profit Must have a little thick capital, at least 500 baht or more is good. You must know how to plan your finances. because we will have a guideline for investment and to spread the risk of loss Fish shooting games are not games

that can be played blindly. The only way to make you positive You have to calculate how much money you have. and invest it properly

  • Techniques for buying guns and ammunition.

There is a possibility that expensive guns and heavy ammunition will help the bonus to be broken easily and if you have enough capital You can choose to buy the type of gun you like. For those with a low budget Choosing to buy ammunition and guns is the most worthwhile, it is recommended that you consider and choose according to the level of the room as well. To use good gun options,

it will encourage the fish to die easily, but let me tell you that if assuming you use an expensive gun. in the lowest level room

The money you get back is not worth the money you invested in the gun. and the same If you go to play in a high classroomand Then go buy heavy ammunition, the chances of running out of money are very fast. More importantly, how much the fish will crack is unknown. Also, when you run out of ammunition, you’ll need to replenish your money to buy ammunition all the time. Therefore, it is

recommended to play fish shootingbetflix games in the lower-mid level rooms. And it’s better to use a gun and ammunition at the right rate.

  • Techniques for choosing fish. How to shoot without missing the target

Which fish is good, which fish pays heavily, how much multiply, we know it’s not difficult? Can be viewed from the game information window. and in choosing to shoot the fish you can shoot whatever you want. But if taking decisive Most sages prefer to use a technique like slowly nibbling on

a small group of fish. and if not necessary, they would not shoot each other or open fire automatically because it will waste money and ammunition without cause

There is a simple trick that is to double click on the fish to focus on the target automatically, ensuring that every shot will hit any additional beads. Try to shoot the characters who have shot and get. Special items come out such as crabs, shells, bombs, as well as strangely shaped objects. in the

game because you may multiply or get a new gun with serious powers such as laser guns, bolt guns, etc.

  • Don’t trust the way, don’t trust the fish.

Do not force yourself to shoot any fish for too long. Because in fish shooting games, and slots, nothing is certain. and from personal experience, the game system does not limit that. How many shots does each fish need to die? Therefore, if you notice that Which fish shoots for a long time or more than 5 rounds and doesn’t die? Let you and then immediately change the target. Many fish are swimming on the

screen, some are like scammers. There is no reason for casinos to design all the fish to be paid. Otherwise, they would be ruined in a row. Sometimes a small fish shoots ten times and it doesn’t die. If any fish die, we only shoot 2-3 shots and it’s dead.

  • Boss Attack Techniques and making money during the fishing season

Interesting features of fish shooting games One of them is the big boss, yes, while you are playing. You can see that there are dragons or golden whales. That’s what keeps swimming and annoying us around. This is the jackpot part. In many popular fish shooting games, there will be a special time for players to use to make money already. Players don’t have to worry.

But some players did not dare and did not like to shoot bosses. Maybe thinking that bosses are die-hard doesn’t seem worth it, but actually, the profits from shooting these bosses of fish shooting games can help our profits grow. very quickly if a lucky shot is broken may even be able to withdraw and for the

technique of shooting bosses, you try to fire them every time it swims for 5–10 rounds. Over time, the chances of seeing results are there. Or even a small loss, you have to allow it to be.

Maybe something like that takes risks. But do not forget to look at our amount as well. I would like to suggest that the profits can be used to hunt bosses rather than using funds. Another equally interesting mode is the Fish Season or the season of the fish. This mode is the time of real money-making Because all types of fish will migrate in the same direction a lot. And no matter how you press

to shoot, you will get a reward for sure as well, so if you reach this level when holding your heart and shoot at it. But I want to focus on small fish only.

  • Fish Las Vegas Techniques and shooting

Las fish means that we take the fish from the players. The other person was shooting at the very last moment. which if we can All prize money will be ours. Considered as another income channel that should be made as a technique to increase our profits faster because the fish shooting game is a multiplayer system that allows players to play together online. So, the more people play, the better. It

can be said that it is in line with the Thai proverb: “Nam Phueng Boat, Sua Phueng Fish,” Oh, it depends on the forest.

Just the players have to watch. and use that feeling Which fish has been beaten to near-death? We can just go and drop a bullet at that one. At first, it can be a bit difficult. Play for a long time and you’ll be able to catch the rhythm. And have a better wit for the shooting technique. It is a shooting style that is overlooked by many novice gamblers. Must say this. position of some fish some we want to

destroy the bullet couldn’t reach it. Therefore, we have to bring more bouncing to play to make the bullet bounce back to the target, sure enough.