Plasma nodulizing metal powder

In the producing procedure, the cutting-edge Chinese market is particularly taking the Dry-Blending technique, the global community also use Bonding approach. In most cases, we recommend the use of an electrostatic gun for coating. Metal powder coating’s coating method, the friction gun is usually not appropriate for the coating of metallic powder coating. Due to this form of products containing steel pigment, whilst the use of an electrostatic retumbo powder for sale gun in construction must make certain that the system is properly grounded, setting a lower electrostatic voltage and powder amount at the same time, save you producing ignition while spraying. The effect of forming a coating film and the gun placing, the satisfactory or brand has a brilliant dating. After longtime spraying, there are may be numerous metal powder gathered in the gun discharge needle, which required the constructor often easy up the release needle.

The shine of metal powder coatings in most instances due to the mistake is massive, we do now not recommend using gloss device to measure steel appearance coating gloss, however most effective by using visual contrast technique to decide whether it’s far the identical with pattern. The recyclability of the steel powder coating for the powder manufactured by means of dry blending method, because of in the method of spraying and healing will occur separation, thus there are a few differences on recycling powder and new powder’s steel pigment content, can also cause the coating movie appearance inconsistencies, appear colour forged. This is due to the fact the metallic pigment and the character of powder particles distinction. Experts propose that the reclaimed powder and new powder’s ratio ought to at the least 1:four.

If use adhesive fixing technique manufacturing powder coating, because of the ratio of metal pigment and powder debris is notably fixed, then it is able to re-use recycled powder. Spray varnish layer on metallic powder layer has the following blessings: Enhanced steel powder coating’s anti-stoning houses; increase the classy effect of the coating steel powder; completely remedy the scraped belongings of metal pigment; improve weatherability of the coating metal powder. To make certain the advent of varnish layer, requiring workpiece through first spraying have to now not be concern to any infection. Thus, it usually needs for fully automated spray strains and separate rooms for every spray painting.

Recommended under everyday occasions do now not spray varnish layer. Only the use of in very demanding, along with: excessive-quit home equipment, vehicle wheels and outside use (to make certain sturdiness) and so forth. Metallic pigments’ scraped belongings, both by means of dry-blending technique or bonding approach manufacturing powder, have been now not absolutely resolve the problem of metal pigments’ scraped property. The handiest way to solve the scraped assets is spraying a layer of obvious coating film in the metallic powder layer. The technique to keep the steel powder coating look consistent: for the same product, try to use the equal batch of metallic powder coatings, avoid the distinction between powder coatings batches; hold spraying situations stabilize.

Using the same set of spray system, the usage of the equal voltage, pressure and different parameters, attempt to keep the gun and the workpiece distance now not trade, try to keep the steadiness of the film thickness; assure powder coatings have been fully fluidized before spraying; while the use of recycled powder must ensure the ratio of restoration powder and new powder less than 1:4; endorse multiple components to be assembled together spraying on the equal time.