Play Virtual Pool – Billiards and Snooker

Does article marketing work….or is it simply a big ole’ waste of time? Can you really make a full time income from writing and submitting articles to directories and social sites, or are your efforts BEST suited spent elsewhere? And MOST importantly…can you REALLY just write an article or two a day and make a major league move in any niche or industry you choose….or is a lot more work than that required to get ahead?

In this article we are going to examine a few 5 world snooker championship results of the article marketing “myths” that drive many of us nuts, and see if we can’t uncover the bright and illuminating light of truth amidst the “bull” that so many are so willing to spew.

First – other than my obvious good looks and transcendent charm and charisma, why should you listen to me?

Because I’m not only an active article marketer myself, I’ve supervise many other content creators on a regular basis, with thousands of article submissions and many millions of article views across all of the major directories. (plus I’m a nice guy and you’ve obviously got a few minutes of free time if you’re still reading)

The Secret to Building a BIG Business on the Broad Shoulders of Content Creation

Write a lot. NOT one article a day….sorry, that’s simply NOT going to get you far. (it may, over time have the aggregated effect of building your name in a niche, but to be honest, you could do it FAR faster using other inexpensive means like social media marketing or even PPC)

The REASON that article marketing works so well for so many of us is this…..

It’s a volume game. On the days that I create content for new niches, even though I outsource a lot of it, I still WRITE a ton of content. And I re purpose the content as well – my own blogs, satellite sites and social directories, in concert with the primary article directories is a strategy that works super well, and will work for you too.

It’s honestly the secret to article marketing success. Try different headlines. (Long headlines work best for me, like the one above) Use catchy words that people notice. (“snookered” above is a good example of this that I’m HOPING works well here – I won’t know for a few days..:-) Test many resource boxes and calls to action. Be funny. If you’re really super handsome and an excellent dresser like me, use your picture in the resource box. Be confrontational, be controversial and be outrageous. (boring people is the cardinal sin in this line of work…and the more “shocking” you are, the more curious people are to learn more!)