Real Estate Agent Web Site; Clean, Simple and Effective

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Redesign and transform exactly how site visitors see your Web site.

Often it’s true– simply leave well sufficient alone. But when it comes to your Web site, standing still is normally not a sensible alternative.

Many Internet site are like a battery– they start complete as well as fresh yet use down in time. The problem is that unlike your smoke alarm that irritatingly beep up until you change them, your Website does not have any type of such device. As a result, we’re entrusted a great deal of ‘dead’ Internet site.

I consider our old Website a dead Website.

When we redesigned our website in early January, it was improved numerous basics:

Improve our ability to reach clients (as well as possible clients).
Re-brand our Internet presence – our old website was dark and this is quite bright.
Integrate brand-new functionality as well as interactive elements to attract site visitors in as well as keep them coming back.
However maybe most notably, it brought a change in approach. We had actually accepted that there were restrictions with the old site and also in a lot of cases, we were stuck with what we had. That’s all altered with the brand-new website as well as due to that, we’re constantly making updates to make sure that the material our site visitors digest is maximized for their browse through.

When you don’t have control of your Website or are miserable with it – for whatever reason – possibilities are your customers as well as prospects are too. If I check out an Internet site and the latest newspaper article on the Web page is from July 2007, it impacts my choice as to whether to search better right into the site.

As a Web Architect, you should start every redesign by asking yourself (and preferably an example of your customers): what is the objective of our Internet site? By asking this simple inquiry, you may find that your existing Web site is completely failing.

In addition, what do customers find useful regarding your Web site? You may locate that clients would actually such as a ‘customer login’ section or that additional product paperwork would certainly be truly practical throughout the pre-sales procedure.

Consider the battery example – when you replace the batteries in a toy, it resembles new again – that’s what redesigning can do for your Internet site. In a financial climate where most are standing rub, you have actually obtained a possibility to take a large jump forward. So start asking the best inquiries as well as redesign to charge your Web site!