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When you’re planning a trip to Morocco,Guest Posting its best to be aware of the transport options available. There are lots of ways of getting around, but perhaps the best one is self drive. This way, you can travel around Morocco at your own pace, stop whenever you like to take photos and get a real feel for everyday life in Morocco.By Train

Travelling by train in Morocco is the most efficient Mount Toubkal 2 days hiking and comfortable way to get around. The train network in Morocco is not very extensive but many of the major tourist destinations are covered. Trains run between Marrakech, Fes, Casablanca (including the International Airport), Rabat, Oujda, Tangier and Meknes.

Trains are among the best in Africa; fares are cheap and trains are efficient and comfortable. You rarely have to book in advance, which is good since you can’t book trains outside of Morocco.

By Air If your time is short and you want to get around quickly, air travel is a good option but it is expensive. Royal Air Maroc flies most domestic routes around Morocco.

By Bus Connections between most major towns and villages are regular and frequent, although buses can be crowded. It may be wise to buy tickets in advance and arrive well before departure to secure a seat. The price of tickets is very low, especially with some of the smaller local bus companies. It is customary to tip the guard for loading luggage.

Taxis You’ll usually see two types of taxis in most major Moroccan cities, “big taxis” (grand taxis) and “small taxis” (petit taxis). The larger grand taxis are shared taxis and are usually Mercedes cars, used for travel outside medinas and to areas outside towns. These taxis are will cover longer distances. The petit taxis work like regular taxis everywhere. If the meter doesn’t work, negotiate your fare in advance. If you don’t have a lot of luggage, then always opt for a petit taxi for trips around town as it is much cheaper.

Renting a CarTravelling by rental car is the perfect way to experience the full beauty of Morocco, especially the spectacular Atlas Mountains and for reaching the more remote desert destinations, not easily accessible by public transport.  Driving on your own gives you the freedom to travel wherever you like and at your own leisure and there are a couple of companies that offer great pre-booked Morocco self drive tours. If you can drive in the UK, you can drive in Morocco.  Moroccan’s drive on the left hand side and the roads are very well maintained.Whatever mode of transport you choose, you’re sure to have a great Morocco trip.