What to Do if You are Experiencing Heat Stroke?

For foreigners, tourists, and expats who are currently in Thailand, you might find Thailand a place where it is very hot, especially in summer. And because of the temperature in Thailand, some might have experienced heat stroke, which is life-threatening. To prevent it, you have to know what to do while you are in Thailand. So, these are steps to treat anyone with heat stroke and how to prevent it.

How to First Aid

Basically, if you see someone with heat stroke, the first thing to do is to cool them down as soon as possible because the body temperature of the patient is more than 40 degree celcius; the normal body temperature is around 37.5 degree celsius. What you can do to help the patient reduce their body temperature include taking them into indoor space, taking off some clothes, and wiping the patient’s body to cool their body down. While you are applying first aid to the patient, it is necessary to call emergency ambulance service. In Thailand, 1669 is the number of the ambulance service. They will call any nearby ambulance to your location. You can also let the patient drink some water to cool down the temperature as well, but the water should be at room temperature.

 As said before, heat stroke can lead one to death or disability, so it is essential to prevent you from having it at all costs. Heat stroke can also lead to brain damage, heart damage, kidney and muscles damage while it is still untreated. To prevent it, these are tips for preventing heat stroke, especially when living in Thailand.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

It is quite hard to avoid being exposed to direct sunlight, but using an umbrella and/or applying sun cream would be a great idea for you to prevent heat stroke. Or even wearing a hat or a cap also helps you from direct sunlight.

Drink Enough Water

To keep you hydrated and to balance your body temperature, drinking enough water really helps you from having heat stroke. Every hour, you should drink at least 150 ml of water so that you will not experience heat stroke.

Wear Suitable Clothes for the Weather

You should wear comfortable clothes that allow you to breathe easily. There are many times that those who are suffering from heat stroke die from wearing uncomfortable clothes and being exposed to direct sunlight. So it is suggested that wearing comfortable clothes is something that you should do.

 Heat stroke is a serious condition, a life-threatening one. So, with these tips, you can protect yourself and prevent it. Speaking of health problems, having insurance, especially for expat health in Thailand, is very beneficial. When you are ill, you do not have to worry about your medical expenses as the insurance company has already covered them for you.