You Can Stop Your Portfolio Bleeding Now – #1

On the market, there are plenty of software tools sold as medical management system smoothing the medical or health care center’s management. Right from patients’ appointment system to patient follow up and patient scheduler to medical answering -all is available. Nevertheless, this is a kind of system you cannot buy sight unseen. Who knows as you summer camp software buy the land sight unseen, it could be rocky! Let us learn some of the most important things to be checked before you automate your medical office…

It should have Online Patient Appointment System -the software that claims to ease the medical management should have online (web based) doctor/patient appointment facility. Said this, the patients must have privilege of accessing the health care center’s software to register and book their appointments to see health care provider anytime, anywhere at their ease. Better if you find such system with advance feature of a 2-Way Google Sync using which, you can edit (postpone, reschedule or cancel) the appointment schedule through your Blackberry (or any such kind of phone).

Medical Management Software should have Patient Reminder System -this feature is very useful for the follow up of the patients. Patients, prone to forget important advices and dates for their due visits at health care center can be reminded using Patient Reminder. The system would automatically call the patients (as scheduled) and inform or notify them about their forthcoming consultation visit, dietary regimen and other important inputs by their physicians.

Online Doctor Appointment Scheduling System must have Medical Answering facility -such feature is found extremely useful during the events such as free medical camps. During such event, lots of patients call to the health care center asking many things. Medical Answering system can answer them all. In addition, advance mode of this system would answer more than one call at a time without getting the caller a busy tone.

Finally, apart from above mentioned features, you as a smart buyer, should also look for some general features before making medical office automated. They are…

  1. The system should offer service all day and night. It should work 24/7
  2. The customer support from the vendor should be the best. When you are down with the system, the service provider should fix it ASAP
  3. The system should preferably have multilingual option. International languages such as French, Spanish, and Chinese etc are widely spoken. Patients from these countries can be entertained using their own mother tongues.
  4. Online Appointment Booking system should have prepaid option to tackle no-show patients. This saves revenue of the center.